At O’Connell we are passionate about all things global. We thrive on running searches to find the very best talent across the world for companies seeking leading international marketing and corporate communications talent.

Our track record over the past 10+ years is evidenced from our work with leading global organisations across Europe. By sourcing the best-in-market, we complement the growth strategies of these organisations; many of them based in major capital cities such as Amsterdam, Zurich, London and Brussels or in regional cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, The Hague, Antwerp and Gent.

We ourselves are a team from all over the globe so bring richness of culture, international focus and of course, expertise.

Our clients have a number of common qualities: mainly from major stock-listed organisations they have an international mind-set that thrives on diverse, capable and talented teams. They look for experienced marketers and corporate communications professionals who are high achievers and bring global experience to their businesses.

We work with our clients on a retained basis and provide a rigorous process to ensure that our clients attract the best professionals from all geographies. We ensure that potential candidates are provided with an exclusive and detailed level of information throughout the whole career step process.

As well as providing traditional executive search methodologies, we also have a number of HR solutions including bespoke talent blueprint mapping, in-house HR resourcing for start-ups and individual career mentoring.

For more than 10 years, O'Connell have worked with leading FMCG, Retail and Apparel organisations to bring the right marketing talent to their companies.
Senior Retail Marketing Manager

In your next role as the Senior Retail Marketing Manager, you will provide retail marketing leadership and direction ...

Corporate Communications
Sourcing the growing demand for international specialists who work in effectively translating brand messages, managing crises and communicating change internally and externally.              
Director B2B Marketing

In your next role as the Director B2B Marketing you will use your passion for all things digital and extensive ...

Mentoring your career journey
We are regularly approached by senior marketing and communications professionals for confidential advice and mentoring for career planning though to CV writing. Here's how we can help you.
OneAmbition services include:
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Coaching
  • CV writing
  • “Brand Me”
  • Personal Business Plans

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